Mystery Shopping

Analyze your service operation

Sometimes business recognize declining or stagnating sales figures, high costs, increasing guest complaints, unsatisfied employees and a high staff turnover.

CODADA simply provides you with a complete picture of your operations performance to improve your business.

We specialize in providing independent assessments of hotels, restaurants and other service providers. The audits provide managers and owners with an objective review of the operations standard of service and facilities as perceived by their customers or guests.

All service audits are based on a customized combination of hospitality industry best practices aligned with our client’s unique brand and operating standards.

Mystery Shopping & Service Audits for your business

Mystery Shopping is traditionally conducted multiple times during different operation periods depending on the size of the operation to cover all aspects of the services provided. All service audits can be fully customized and adjusted to business needs.

All service audit reports can be carried out anonymously and at random times as to provide a realistic assessment of the operation’s performance.

The benefits of mystery shopping are evident when you see the consumer research collected from our audits. You will learn how to retain current customers, attract new customers, enhance your employees product knowledge and sales ability, and recognize valuable employees.

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