CODADA provides mystery shopping within clearly defined sectors and industries.

We assign our mystery shopping professionals to dedicated industry units with expertise in your sector.
You benefit from the highest quality industry-specific mystery shopping.

Mystery Shopping for Hotels & Resorts - CODADAHotels & Resorts

CODADA offers mystery shopping providing you with insights that will take your hospitality business to the next level. Our specialized hotel & resort mystery shoppers are keyed into the most important performance indicators for the hospitality industry. We collect relevant data on revenue-driving behaviors specifically tailored to your hospitality business. Read more…


Mystery Shopping for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Pubs - CODADAFood & Beverage

The restaurant industry is challenging, constantly changing and tough. The need for repeat business and customer loyalty makes every customer experience matter. Our mystery shopping and measurement solutions are custom designed for each client. This ensures all metrics address each client’s unique information needs, market position, opportunities and objectives. Read more…


Mystery Shopping for Distributors, Importers, Warehouses - CODADAImporters & Distributors

Our mystery shopping research provides a great tool to evaluate your customer service standards. The systematic approach we employ to mystery shopping provides an objective snapshot of the customer’s experience at the frontline. Read more…


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